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 EL Flashing Floor Mats

EL flashing floor mats that as you can see, this frankly bizarre floor mats features an animated EL digital display with a creative images on it. The special EL flashing floor mats is motion-sensitive, so whenever someone comes near, Those EL flashing panel moves back and forth across its stylish flat panel display.

Product Specifications/Features :
* Printed promotional EL flashing floor mats - anti slip doormat.
* A sensor turns the mats on when a visitor approaches.
* 60-80 hours, normal use 2-3 months. The battery may make the replacement.
* Convenience stores or supermarkets by CE, ROHS authentication.
* Water-proof treatment etc, cleaning removable electronic parts.
* Color: Red, blue, green, white, pink, multi-color.
* Display text and color can be made according to customer requirements.
* Size: 40 x 64CM, 45 x 75CM, 60 x 90C.
* Material: PVC or Plastic.
* Thickness: 9mm - 15mm.
* Dimensions: Width-1.22m/1.8m, length-12m/15m.
* Battery cable length approximately: 55cm.
* Requires 4 x AAA batteries - not included.

EL flashing floor mats sign is a new kind of advertising display indoor or out door, EL panel + EL backlight. EL flashing floor mats sign can be made into many shapes. the work process does not heat, no shade, is a new light source; good outdoor advertising for sale. It can be used in the any business as a promotion.

Product Specifications/Features :
* Wide viewing angle & plane solid light origin.
* Low power consumption & long life-span.
* No heat is generated with the cold light.
* Approximate 0.3~0.5mm, but to some special order, the parameter may change.
* Flexible and light weight, it can be rolled for shipping.
* Full and rich in color printing.
* Its gentle light wont do harm to your eyes.
* Brightness: High brightness all material comply with CE standard and Rohs.
* Designs: customer's logo and design.
* Water resistance and UV protected.

We can design the EL driver according to customers' requirements, for example:
1. Using DC 3,6,9,12V battery power to design Inverter to drive the lighting of EL.
2. Using indoor power of AC110-230V to design Inverter to drive the lighting of EL.


   Meticulously Produced for Your Promotion
  Perfect way to promote your company's image; Ideal for moderate to heavy-traffic areas.  

Building layer label of elevator, mark of fleeing, safety mark in night, scene decoration in night for big building, decorative design.

  Construction and outdoor application. Mainly application: company logo and company culture propaganda banner.  
  High quality with long lifetime and high brightness and low voltage, High vivid printing picture.   Big size or small size for indoor and outdoor. thin panel and low power consumption.  

Application area: indoor and outdoor advertisement, bus station, airport, subway station and gift ads.

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