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 EL Flashing Hat

EL flashing hat
EL flashing hat that uses small electronic EL panel to display your image during both day & night time activities. Flashing in amazing colors, various patterns can be designed as your requirement. EL design makes you attractive and outstanding.

LED fiber optic flashing hat
LED fiber optic flashing hat are super bright and functional, utilizing state-of-the-art LED fiber optic technology. It can bring your logo to life, embroidering up to brilliant light points within your design.

Product Features :
* Color of hat:main color is black, any other colors can be produced.
* Material of hat: 100% cotton.
* Size of hat: Free size, can be adjusted by hand.
* EL sheet logo: We have various designs available.
* Flashing mode: Auto、wifi detector、sound active、message and so on.
* Work: 60-80 hours, normal use 2-3 months.
* Only need to use 2 AG13 batteries or USB function.
* The product is suitable for: outdoor sports, night running, large festival evening party, concerts, sales promotion, cheer, employee benefits, the company large activity, etc.
* Welcome customized design and shape.

   Special design for your need
  Good idea for promotional and festival purpose, public assembly, with any symbolic pictures flashing on your hats.  

You can have designs of any kind, such as classic film images, such as cartons, films stars, festival images, such as Mary Christmas, Christmas tree, Halloween ghosts...

  The lighter, longer life time and lower consumption is the advantages of EL glow panel. You cannot feel the weight of EL panel, the weight is nearly the same as the normal cap.  
  All the staff could wear the LED flashing hat with the same company logo, when their company is organized a tourism or a party.  

Just make your every imagination into real products. Any color, any artwork and wording.


100% Cotton hat with different color for your choosing and different styles of hats design.

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