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We specialize in creative design. Over the years, our marketing strategies and quality designs are applauded and supported by our customers. That is the reason why we created our own brand, “WhoCare”. We also expect to cooperate with more international and global companies, not only to give us more opportunities, but to enable us to provide more creative products globally, and be a leading brand in the green economic industry through low-pollution and environmental product materials.

After several years of design experience, working from product planning and designing and now to ID manufacturing. Our team now meets more demands from various markets and for different packaging needs. We pay attention to details and value what we design. Furthermore, we make unique designs and make customers feel and understand our creativeness especially in the concepts of the fast-moving life and work. Change is inevitable in life and work .

WhoCare welcomes these changes. With “artistic performance”, “focus on quality”, and “best service” concepts, we create our designs. The same motivations that develop 3C products. We create lifestyle designs that make people energetic and passionate and make them feel premium work and life space experience.

Product design
Every innovative product is invented; we pursuit not only ID planning but also structure and efficiency of products.

Packaging design
We have produced many impressive packages, presenting the products’ quality and features. We use different materials to protect the products and develop creativity.

Marketing Strategy
The quality and unique design of our products are our best marketing strategy.
The impact of our products is witnessed by customers all over the world.



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