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 EL Flashing Poster

EL flashing advertisment poster can be made into many shapes. the work process does not heat, no shade, is a new light source; good outdoor advertising for sale. It can be used in the any business as a promotion.

EL is light and slim. Generally, bending above 3cm can be acceptable, and can make any form you like, just like a paper, which is the main characteristic of EL.

Product Features :
* Extra save electric power, short-wave lighting, no radiation, bright and remarkable in the night, which can attract the passengers.
* The capacity of focusing light is strong. The distance may be very far but strong attraction.
* As it's easy to be equipped, it has strong scattering capacity and ad mobilization.
* With its novelty and attraction, it can get effect of ad or expected.
* EL can be made by the clients' needs. And we can produce EL product of different dimension and shape you want.
* Besides making continuous light and flash function, it also can be made soft dimming or multisection flash mode, so we can meet different customers' requirements.
* Flexible and light weight, it can be rolled for shipping.
* Full and rich in color printing.
* Its gentle light wont do harm to your eyes.
* Brightness: High brightness all material comply with CE standard and Rohs.
* Designs: customer's logo and design.
* Water resistance and UV Protected.

We can design the EL driver according to customers' requirements, for example:
* Using DC 3,6,9,12V battery power to design Inverter to drive the lighting of EL.
* Using DC12,24V power of car and motorcycle to design Inverter to drive the lighting of EL.
* Using indoor power of AC110-230V to design Inverter to drive the lighting of EL.
* Approximate 0.3~0.5mm, but to some special order, the parameter may change.


   EL Application Examples
  Business equipment. Machine In Public. Station poster for omnibus, public telephone box, automatic soft drink, road line of omnibus.  

Construction and outdoor application. Building layer label of elevator, mark of fleeing, safety mark in night, scene decoration in night for big building, decorative design.

  Car industry. Watch equipment panel of car, alarm lighting, body of car, door decorate, the third bracket light..ect.  
  Advertisement goods. Apply to goods promotion, propagation, safety signs, car processing, housing agency.   Advertisement design, graphic design, the stage background design, booth design, real estate promotional design, neon billboard design.  

Advertising poster, have powerful efficiency visual impact to attract passerby with neon effect message.

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